Route Planner (From Kilnaleck to Templemore)

Time: 2 hr 33 min
Total Distance (Km):
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0.0Start out at Kilnaleck,Cavan Uncl.0.0
0.1Turn left onto the R154 R1540.1
0.7Turn right Uncl.0.8
0.4Continue forward onto Omard Uncl.1.1
0.1Continue forward onto Omard Entering BallyheelanUncl.1.3
2.8Turn right Uncl.4.1
0.7Turn right Uncl.4.8
2.7Turn left Uncl.7.4
2.3Turn right onto the R394 R3949.7
0.8At T-junction turn left onto the N55 (signposted Athlone)N5510.6
6.7Continue forward onto Cavan Road - N55 Entering GranardN5517.2
0.9Bear left onto the N55 (signposted Athlone)N5518.1
12.0Continue forward onto the N55 Entering EdgeworthstownN5530.1
0.1At traffic signals turn left onto Main Street - N55 (signposted Dublin N4)N5530.1
0.3At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Ballymahon Road - N4 (signposted Sligo)N430.5
0.5At roundabout take the 1st exit onto Ballymahon Road - N55 (signposted Athlone)N5531.0
8.4Continue forward onto the N55 Entering CarrickboyN5539.4
9.4Continue forward onto Mostrim Road - N55 Entering BallymahonN5548.8
0.7Turn left onto Main Street - N55 (signposted Athlone)N5549.6
0.4Turn right onto Athlone Road - N55 (signposted Athlone)N5549.9
13.0Continue forward onto the N55 Entering GlassanN5562.9
3.1Continue forward onto the N55 Entering BallykeeranN5566.0
3.7Turn left, then merge onto Athlone Bypass - N6 (signposted Dublin)N669.7
3.7At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the N6 (signposted Dublin)N673.5
1.4Turn right onto the N62 (signposted Birr)N6274.9
6.2Continue forward onto the N62 Entering BallynahownN6281.1
0.0Bear left onto the N62 N6281.1
2.4Continue forward onto the N62 Entering DoonN6283.5
0.3At crossroads continue forward onto the N62 (signposted Birr)N6283.8
4.0Shannon Region N6287.8
2.2Continue forward onto Athlone Road - N62 Entering FerbaneN6290.0
1.1River Brosna N6291.1
6.0Continue forward onto Ferbane Street - N62 Entering CloghanN6297.1
0.3At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Banagher Street - N62 (signposted Birr)N6297.5
0.2Turn left onto Birr Road - N62 (signposted Thurles)N6297.7
12.1Turn right onto the N52 (signposted Nenagh)N52109.8
1.8Continue forward onto Woodland Villas - N52 Entering BirrN52111.5
0.6"The Cherry Tree", traffic signals continue forward onto the N52 N52112.2
0.5At memorial bear left onto the N52 N52112.6
0.1At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Wilmer Road - N52 (signposted Nenagh)N52112.7
0.2Cross bridge N52112.9
0.6Continue forward onto Railway Road - N62 N62113.5
17.1Continue forward onto Birr Road - N62 Entering RoscreaN62130.7
0.8Turn right onto Green Street Uncl.131.5
0.1Turn right onto Main Street - R421 R421131.6
0.2At crossroads continue forward onto Rosemary Street (signposted Town Centre)Uncl.131.8
0.2Bear left onto The Valley - N62 N62132.0
0.5At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Templemore Road - N62 N62132.5
0.2At Templemore Road Roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the N62 (signposted Templemore)N62132.7
16.4Continue forward onto Roscrea Road - N62 Entering TemplemoreN62149.2
0.8Turn right Uncl.150.0
0.1Continue forward onto Marian Road Uncl.150.1
0.2Turn left Uncl.150.2
0.1Finish at Templemore,Tipperary Uncl.150.3
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